The company


Company GHISI WALTER has been manufacturing plastic accessories for flower arrangements since 1970.

In the past the "support for flowers", ideated as an essential support used by florists, becomes soon a patented article and gives the first company success.

In the the succeeding years the production has been increased and extended to the wide branch of decoration world (balls with wire) and stationery (small pins for greeting cards).

Afterwards the new themes of Valentine and Mummy’s day join the Christmas collection, with the production of a new line of articles with fabric hearts, perfect for this two recurrences. At the same time the new line of aricles for packaging has been developed.

Both the manufacturing process and assembly happen exclusively on the premises by GHISI WALTER.

The technical innovation is typical of our departments: totally automated machineries and a new conception technology allow a fast and flexible rotation of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, thanks to new machineries, the combination of different plastic materials and colours is also possible. The row material quality is strictly controlled, as well as all the working schedules and the final product. This operation allows us to be always sure of the quality of our articles.

Today the company is a national leader in the decoration's world and exports in several European and Extra-European countries, thanks to more than 2.300 articles and to a range of over 30 colours, available for each design. Finally, the made in Italy and the Italian style (recognizable for example in an appreciated packaging as well as the product) have contributed to the success of our articles in the market.